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Congratulations. You are ready to start a practicum experience. A practicum is an exciting learning experience that affords you the opportunity to observe and participate in diverse educational settings. During the practicum, introspection, personal change, professional growth, and self-assessment will empower your sense of development as a professional. The opportunity to work in a practical setting within your field coupled with supportive guidance from the  instructor will give you a strong sense of professional self-growth.


Teaching Experience is  the most important component of the Teaching  Practicum  field. Teaching is a professional discipline and  student teachers need the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become effective practitioners.

Practicum Outcomes

 At the end of the practicum, you will have accomplished or demonstrated application of many of the following skills and/or professional products:

An evaluation of your practicum performance completed by your practicum teacher/mentor

Practicum artifacts submitted to your mentor

Demonstration of significant professional growth in knowledge and skill application and the development of dispositional behaviors

Demonstrated comprehension of and the ability to successfully apply professional and ethical standards governing the profession


This web site constitutes  a way to access the information you need for  the disciplines of Practica Docente II and IV. It could also serve  as an educational resource. Whether you're currently enrolled or just curious about what is offered, you're sure to find a wealth of helpful information.

"No man can be a good teacher unless he has feelings of warm affection toward his pupils and a genuine desire to impart to them what he himself believes to be of value."
                                            Bertrand Russell

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